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Editor: Buie Seawell (Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, USA)

Reviewer: James O’Toole (Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, USA)

The legal and historic roots of the modern corporation reach well back into the eighteenth century, but it was in the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century that this truly extraordinary form of human organization came into its own and, the twentieth century, became the dominant economic force on earth. Consider its amazing characteristics concentration of management, accumulation of capital, shielding of ownership from liability, and being granted a legal existence not necessarily bounded by either space or time—both ubiquitous and eternal! As well, however, consider its fearsome prospects vis-à-vis its lack of accountability, its deficit of democratic governance, its often-uncivilized competitive engagement with all other sectors of society, not to mention its transcendence of both national sovereignty and legal jurisdiction. And there you have it. Is the Trans-national Corporation the answer to the fundamental issues of human survival, or the fundamental threat to life itself? In short, will the corporation of the twenty-first century be a corrupt Robin Hood, or a virtuous Sheriff of Nottingham?

Corporations are not natural persons. Corporations are fictitious, corporations are juridical persons created by law. The point is this: the ethical considerations one might use when dealing with a friend, associate, or stranger, are significantly different when the subject is the corporation.

Getting this straight is critically important to an adequate understanding of business ethics. People—their behavior and the products of their work and intellect—are judged ethically and legally based chiefly on their intentions. Ethical analysis of the behavior of natural persons begins with considerations of what a person meant by what he or she did, said, or produced. In contrast, ethical analysis involving the entity we call “the corporation” must forever begin and end in law and public policy. With reference to the political economy that brought forth the beast. The legal entity, known as the corporation, was created to shield investors from liabilities beyond the limit of their investment (a result that neither sole proprietorships nor partnerships could accomplish) with the legislative intent of facilitating the aggregation of private capital. This legal experiment begun 19th century has succeeded spectacularly.

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