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14 / 33  If a muscle cell of a typical organism has 32 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will be in a gamete of that same organism?
A  8
B  16
C  32
D  64

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what's the difference between bi-enial crops and perennial crops
Johnson Reply
what isrespiration
Massa Reply
Mg is very important part of enzymes which deal with DNA. It is a very simple reason but overlooked.
Eric Reply
what mitochondria means
its is the most universal organelle among eukaryotes,it is surrounded by double membrane and in it are foldings and invaginationscalled cristae where areobic respiration takes place
an organelle found in large number in most cell ,in which the biochemical process of respiration and energy production occur
how does a cell look like
Clara Reply
loss of muscle coordinatetion results from what
Fata Reply
over feeding
why do electrolyte ions move across membranes by active transport
Mazoh Reply
what salivary amailes
Isaac Reply
what do we call the of living organism to a non organism?
Meiosis is a two successive cell division with only one duplication of chromosomes.
Euchy Reply
a type of cell division that result in four daughter cell
it is called the ovary.It is oval in shape and is located within petals coated by the sepals
Macy Reply
what is the difference between heat energy and sun energy
Bright Reply
germ cell is diploid or haloid?
Ali Reply
what are the two specialized cells found in the tree?
what is the work of saliva in the mouth and where is secreted from ?
Brian Reply
the work if the saliva is to make food soft for swallowing
saliva is secreted by the salivary glands and it lubricates the food
and it is secreted under the tongue
explain how wilting occurs
Mozila Reply
I can answer that
when the rate of evapitransipiration is high than the absorbtion rate.
careers in biology and their meaning or responsible
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