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    Compare three different ways that eukaryotic cells may have evolved.

    Some hypotheses propose that mitochondria were acquired first, followed by the development of the nucleus. Others propose that the nucleus evolved first and that this new eukaryotic cell later acquired the mitochondria. Still others hypothesize that prokaryotes descended from eukaryotes by the loss of genes and complexity.

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Questions & Answers

Meiosis is a two successive cell division with only one duplication of chromosomes.
Euchy Reply
it is called the ovary.It is oval in shape and is located within petals coated by the sepals
Macy Reply
what is the difference between heat energy and sun energy
Bright Reply
germ cell is diploid or haloid?
Ali Reply
what are the two specialized cells found in the tree?
what is the work of saliva in the mouth and where is secreted from ?
Brian Reply
the work if the saliva is to make food soft for swallowing
saliva is secreted by the salivary glands and it lubricates the food
and it is secreted under the tongue
explain how wilting occurs
Mozila Reply
I can answer that
when the rate of evapitransipiration is high than the absorbtion rate.
careers in biology and their meaning or responsible
Josephine Reply
what is the word equation for photosynthesis?
Owen Reply
what is ecology
volex Reply
ecology is the study of living organisms in interaction to the environment
show the diagram of sponge
Favour Reply
explain the processes found in a carbon cycle
Elvas Reply
photosynthesis;this is the process by which grean plants make there own food by using carbon,oxygen, sunlight in the precess of chlorophyll combusion ;this is the process by which fossil fuels are converted in form of a gas of carbon dioxide by an enzyme called a foillitrrion respiration;a proces
Respiration;this is a process by which living organism release energy from food there eat
decoposition;this process is carried by dead matters or decomposes such as bacteria and fungi where dead matters decay buried for thousand of years excretions the remove of toxic metabolism waste product from the body through excretory or gain such as anus and skin etc
also tarnspiratiom where by a plant losses water inform of water vapour into the at mosphere by rhisombium ezyme
so not enzyme but bacteria
sorry not enzyme but bacteria
what is a base?
Alice Reply
base can be define as the anatomy of structure
what are somatic cells
KAKU Reply
Somatic cells responsible for making the body
vegetative cells, they divide by mitosis.
what is angiosperms
Papillon Reply
what is the function of bile
what is neurologist
Benjamin Reply
A neurologist is a brain doctor,a physician who diagnose and treat all categories of conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous system eg.covering, blood vessels and all effector tissue such as muscle

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