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Dynamic, learner-centered art

Our unique approach to visuals is designed to emphasize only the components most important in any given illustration. The art style is particularly aimed at focusing student learning through a powerful blend of traditional depictions and instructional innovations.

Much of the art in this book consists of black line illustrations. The strongest line is used to highlight the most important structures, and shading is used to show dimension and shape. Color is used sparingly to highlight and clarify the primary anatomical or functional point of the illustration. This technique is intended to draw students’ attention to the critical learning point in the illustration, without distraction from excessive gradients, shadows, and highlights. Full color is used when the structure or process requires it (for example, muscle diagrams and cardiovascular system illustrations).

The pharynx

A color illustration of the pharynx.
By highlighting the most important portions of the illustration, the artwork helps students focus on the most important points, without overwhelming them.


Micrograph magnifications have been calculated based on the objective provided with the image. If a micrograph was recorded at 40×, and the image was magnified an additional 2×, we calculated the final magnification of the micrograph to be 80×.

Please note that, when viewing the textbook electronically, the micrograph magnification provided in the text does not take into account the size and magnification of the screen on your electronic device. There may be some variation.

Sebaceous glands

A color illustration of the pharynx.
These glands secrete oils that lubricate and protect the skin. LM × 400. (Micrograph provided by the Regents of University of Michigan Medical School © 2012)

Learning resources

The following resources are (or will be) available in addition to main text:

  • PowerPoint slides: For each chapter, the illustrations are presented, one per slide, with their respective captions.
  • Pronunciation guide: A subset of the text’s key terms are presented with easy-to-follow phonetic transcriptions. For example, blastocyst is rendered as “blas'to-sist”

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Special thanks

OpenStax wishes to thank the Regents of University of Michigan Medical School for the use of their extensive micrograph collection. Many of the UM micrographs that appear in Anatomy and Physiology are interactive WebScopes, which students can explore by zooming in and out.

We also wish to thank the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University, with whom we shared and exchanged resources during the development of Anatomy and Physiology .

Questions & Answers

where the bone growth occur in endochondral ossification
zhimei Reply
what is the reason after birth the baby didn't cry
Karthik Reply
because the lung is not yet functioning properly probably due to pulmonary disorder
because ductus arteriosus should have been closing off by that time and expansion of the lungs should make the baby to cry under normal physiological condition
yes that is true the lung is not yet functioning
what is the difference between the spleen and the kidney
@Famuyiwa, the spleen and kidneys are part of two different organ systems. The spleen is a lymphoid organ that cleans blood from pathogens and also breaks down old RBCs.
The kidneys are part of the urinary system. It has several functions such as: filtration of blood from excessive ions and nitrogenous wastes (urea, uric acid, ammonium, creatinine), pH balance of blood, water concentration, regulation of blood pressure, and synthesis of hormones like renin and vit D
what is a cell cycle
GINA Reply
The cell cycle is essentially the life cycle of a cell. In eukaryotic cells, The cell cycle consists of the interphase and mitosis(cellular division).
What is blood
Clare Reply
Blood is composed of plasma and formed elements. Blood plasma is considered extracellular fluid and makes up 55% of blood volume. It contains about 90% water. It also contains nutrients, hormones, gases, ions, proteins, and other molecules. If you have an infection, it might also contain pathogens.
The formed elements are RBCs (45% of blood volume), WBCs and plalets (less than 1% of blood volume) A cool fact is that blood is considered a type of connective tissue since the formed elements of blood comes from mesenchyme stem cells origin.
differences between channel protein and carrier protein in the plasma membrane?
Kumih Reply
does the parietal pleura attached itself to the ribs
The main difference is that solutes simply pass through a protein channel, while solutes bind to protein carriers causing a conformational change in the carrier protein and then allows the solute to pass by.
Besides that, both transporters have the same function which is to allow specific solutes in and out of the cell.
The parietal pleura does come in contact with the ribs.
what structure holds the vertebral column in place?
Holly Reply
the ligarmentum flavium
round cushion pads that sit on the between the vertebrae. The intervertebral disc is made up of strong tissue
Alimentary canal tissue type
Noob Reply
it consists the oesophagus ,stomach small intestine, large intestine
alimentary canal is a type of tissue that consists of mouth, pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, rectum, and anus
The alimentary canal consists of 4 tunics, and it has all the main tissue types in the body. 1st tunic: Mucosa (simple columnar epithelia) 2nd tunic: Submucosa (dense irregular conn. tissue) 3rd tunic: Muscularis externa (smooth muscle) 4th tunic: Serosa (simple squamous epithelia).
There is also nervous tissue that are present in the muscularis extrena tunic. In the rectum and anus, the mucosal layer contains non keratinized stratified squamous epithelia.
what is epithelial tissue
snr Reply
epithelial tissue is a line in the outer surface of an organism and blood vessels through out the body and inner surface cavities
Epithelial tissue is one of the main tissue types on the body. it's main function is to cover and line outer and inner surfaces of organs. For example your skin is epithelial tissue which lines your outer self. The lining of the mucosal layer in your gastrointestinal tract is epithelial tissue.
epithelial tissue is incredibly diverse in function though. It also synthesize and secrets certain products like saliva, hormones, sweat, sebum and mucus.
It also forms structures such as exocrine and endocrine glands, endothelial, and mesothelial membranes as well.
can someone please explain the process lymphatic system
There are many different types of epithelial tissue and different functions they perform.
@Famuyiwa, the lymphatic organ system contains lymphatic capillaries, vessels, lymph nodes, lymphoid organs and tissues. The lymphatic system is responsible for maintaing blood pressure, filter lymph (activate the immune system), leukopoeiesis, and break down old RBCs.
thanks alot
welcome, almost forgot, another important function of the lymphatic system is to transports fats inside chylomicrons to the liver and adipose tissue mainly.
This happens after absorption of fats in the enterocytes have occurred and are moved into the latest vessels that lead into lymphatic vessels.
What is anatomy
Arko Reply
Structures of anatomy
anatomy is the study of science that deals with how the parts of a body is being structured
anatomy is the study of organisms and the relationship of it's parts
tree diagram of the composition of the blood
Poonam Reply
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epithelial tissue connective tissue muscle tissue nervous tissue
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How do you differentiate Haversian canal and Volkmann canal?
Holly Reply
These are differentiated based on location. Haversian canal are present right in the middle of the osteon. the Volkmann canals are located to the sides of Haversian canal and their blood vessels and nerve fibers invade deep into spongy bone in long bones.
thank you
What are coronal arteries?
The coronary arteries/veins are the group of arteries and veins that supplies the myocardium of the heart.
What is augment
Safia Reply
I don't know
Google works wonders at answering questions..
make greater or numerous
how to identify tissues cells under a microscope
Carla Reply
any advice on how to identify tissue cells under a microscope?
structural and function of the living part
it depends on the specific type of tissue (endothelium, connective etc..). are you asking specifically how to tell different tissues or structures of the tissues apart or how to be able to physically see them?

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