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A&P Key Terms 25 Urinary System
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Sample Questions from the A&P Key Terms 25 Urinary System Key Terms

Question: anatomical sphincter


smooth or skeletal muscle surrounding the lumen of a vessel or hollow organ that can restrict flow when contracted

Question: Bowman's capsule


cup-shaped sack lined by a simple squamous epithelium (parietal surface) and specialized cells called podocytes (visceral surface) that participate in the filtration process; receives the filtrate which then passes on to the PCTs

Question: angiotensin II


protein produced by the enzymatic action of ACE on inactive angiotensin I; actively causes vasoconstriction and stimulates aldosterone release by the adrenal cortex

Question: brush border


formed by microvilli on the surface of certain cuboidal cells; in the kidney it is found in the PCT; increases surface area for absorption in the kidney

Question: anuria


absence of urine produced; production of 50 mL or less per day

Question: angiotensin-converting enzyme


(ACE) enzyme produced by the lungs that catalyzes the reaction of inactive angiotensin I into active angiotensin II

Question: angiotensinogen


inactive protein in the circulation produced by the liver; precursor of angiotensin I; must be modified by the enzymes renin and ACE to be activated

Question: aquaporin


protein-forming water channels through the lipid bilayer of the cell; allows water to cross; activation in the collecting ducts is under the control of ADH

Question: calyces


cup-like structures receiving urine from the collecting ducts where it passes on to the renal pelvis and ureter

Question: cortical nephrons


nephrons with loops of Henle that do not extend into the renal medulla

Question: angiotensin I


protein produced by the enzymatic action of renin on angiotensinogen; inactive precursor of angiotensin II

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