A&P Key Terms 27 The Reproductive System


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A&P Key Terms 27 The Reproductive System
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Sample Questions from the A&P Key Terms 27 The Reproductive System Key Terms

Question: areola


highly pigmented, circular area surrounding the raised nipple and containing areolar glands that secrete fluid important for lubrication during suckling

Question: clitoris


(also, glans clitoris) nerve-rich area of the vulva that contributes to sexual sensation during intercourse

Question: ampulla


(of the uterine tube) middle portion of the uterine tube in which fertilization often occurs

Question: cervix


elongate inferior end of the uterus where it connects to the vagina

Question: body of uterus


middle section of the uterus

Question: blood-testis barrier


tight junctions between Sertoli cells that prevent bloodborne pathogens from gaining access to later stages of spermatogenesis and prevent the potential for an autoimmune reaction to haploid sperm

Question: Bartholin's glands


(also, greater vestibular glands) glands that produce a thick mucus that maintains moisture in the vulva area; also referred to as the greater vestibular glands

Question: alveoli


(of the breast) milk-secreting cells in the mammary gland

Question: broad ligament


wide ligament that supports the uterus by attaching laterally to both sides of the uterus and pelvic wall

Question: antrum


fluid-filled chamber that characterizes a mature tertiary (antral) follicle

Question: bulbourethral glands


(also, Cowper's glands) glands that secrete a lubricating mucus that cleans and lubricates the urethra prior to and during ejaculation

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