A&P Key Terms 16 Neurological Exam


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A&P Key Terms 16 Neurological Exam
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Sample Questions from the A&P Key Terms 16 Neurological Exam Key Terms

Question: aphasia


loss of language function

Question: Babinski sign


dorsiflexion of the foot with extension and splaying of the toes in response to the plantar reflex, normally suppressed by corticospinal input

Question: cerebrocerebellum


lateral regions of the cerebellum; named for the significant input from the cerebral cortex

Question: anterograde amnesia


inability to form new memories from a particular time forward

Question: accommodation-convergence reflex


coordination of somatic control of the medial rectus muscles of either eye with the parasympathetic control of the ciliary bodies to maintain focus while the eyes converge on visual stimuli near to the face

Question: conductive hearing


hearing dependent on the conduction of vibrations of the tympanic membrane through the ossicles of the middle ear

Question: clasp-knife response


sign of UMN disease when a patient initially resists passive movement of a muscle but will quickly release to a lower state of resistance

Question: check reflex


response to a release in resistance so that the contractions stop, or check, movement

Question: conduction aphasia


loss of language function related to connecting the understanding of speech with the production of speech, without either specific function being lost

Question: ataxia


movement disorder related to damage of the cerebellum characterized by loss of coordination in voluntary movements

Question: accommodation


in vision, a change in the ability of the eye to focus on objects at different distances

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Source:  Human Body OpenStax College. Anatomy & Physiology, Download for free at http://cnx.org/contents/14fb4ad7-39a1-4eee-ab6e-3ef2482e3e22@7.25
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