A&P Key Terms 12 Nervous System


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A&P Key Terms 12 Nervous System
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Sample Questions from the A&P Key Terms 12 Nervous System Key Terms

Question: axon hillock


tapering of the neuron cell body that gives rise to the axon

Question: activation gate


part of the voltage-gated Na+ channel that opens when the membrane voltage reaches threshold

Question: autonomic nervous system (ANS)


functional division of the nervous system that is responsible for homeostatic reflexes that coordinate control of cardiac and smooth muscle, as well as glandular tissue

Question: axon segment


single stretch of the axon insulated by myelin and bounded by nodes of Ranvier at either end (except for the first, which is after the initial segment, and the last, which is followed by the axon terminal)

Question: astrocyte


glial cell type of the CNS that provides support for neurons and maintains the blood-brain barrier

Question: absolute refractory period


time during an action period when another action potential cannot be generated because the voltage-gated Na+ channel is inactivated

Question: axoplasm


cytoplasm of an axon, which is different in composition than the cytoplasm of the neuronal cell body

Question: axon


single process of the neuron that carries an electrical signal (action potential) away from the cell body toward a target cell

Question: biogenic amine


class of neurotransmitters that are enzymatically derived from amino acids but no longer contain a carboxyl group

Question: action potential


change in voltage of a cell membrane in response to a stimulus that results in transmission of an electrical signal; unique to neurons and muscle fibers

Question: axon terminal


end of the axon, where there are usually several branches extending toward the target cell

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Source:  Human Body OpenStax College. Anatomy & Physiology, Download for free at http://cnx.org/contents/14fb4ad7-39a1-4eee-ab6e-3ef2482e3e22@7.25
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