Anatomy & Physiology 09 Joints MCQ Quiz


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Anatomy & Physiology 09 Joints MCQ Quiz
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Sample Questions from the Anatomy & Physiology 09 Joints MCQ Quiz Quiz

Question: A cartilaginous joint ________.


has a joint cavity

is called a symphysis when the bones are united by fibrocartilage

anchors the teeth to the jaws

is formed by a wide sheet of fibrous connective tissue

Question: Which of these joints is classified as a synarthrosis?


the pubic symphysis

the manubriosternal joint

an invertebral disc

the shoulder joint

Question: A gomphosis ________.


is formed by an interosseous membrane

connects the tibia and fibula bones of the leg

contains a joint cavity

anchors a tooth to the jaw

Question: Which of these joints is classified as a biaxial diarthrosis?


the metacarpophalangeal joint

the hip joint

the elbow joint

the pubic symphysis

Question: Which of the following are joined by a symphysis?


adjacent vertebrae

the first rib and the sternum

the end and shaft of a long bone

the radius and ulna bones

Question: A synchondrosis is ________.


found at the pubic symphysis

where bones are connected together with fibrocartilage

a type of fibrous joint

found at the first sternocostal joint of the thoracic cage

Question: An example of a wide fibrous joint is ________.


the interosseous membrane of the forearm

a gomphosis

a suture joint

a synostosis

Question: A syndesmosis is ________.


a narrow fibrous joint

the type of joint that unites bones of the skull

a fibrous joint that unites parallel bones

the type of joint that anchors the teeth in the jaws

Question: Which type of fibrous joint connects the tibia and fibula?






Question: Synovial joints ________.


may be functionally classified as a synarthrosis

are joints where the bones are connected to each other by hyaline cartilage

may be functionally classified as a amphiarthrosis

are joints where the bones articulate with each other within a fluid-filled joint cavity

Question: The joint between adjacent vertebrae that includes an invertebral disc is classified as which type of joint?






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Source:  OpenStax College. Anatomy & Physiology, OpenStax-CNX Web site., Jun 11, 2014
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