Anatomy & Physiology 20 Blood Vessels Circulat.


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Anatomy & Physiology 20 Blood Vessels Circulat
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Sample Questions from the Anatomy & Physiology 20 Blood Vessels Circulat. Quiz

Question: An especially leaky type of capillary found in the liver and certain other tissues is called a ________.


capillary bed

fenestrated capillary

sinusoid capillary


Question: Nervi vasorum control ________.




capillary permeability

both vasoconstriction and vasodilation

Question: A healthy elastic artery ________.


is compliant

reduces blood flow

is a resistance artery

has a thin wall and irregular lumen

Question: Which of the following best describes veins?


thick walled, small lumens, low pressure, lack valves

thin walled, large lumens, low pressure, have valves

thin walled, small lumens, high pressure, have valves

thick walled, large lumens, high pressure, lack valves

Question: The endothelium is found in the ________.


tunica intima

tunica media

tunica externa


Question: Hydrostatic pressure is ________.


greater than colloid osmotic pressure at the venous end of the capillary bed

the pressure exerted by fluid in an enclosed space

about zero at the midpoint of a capillary bed

all of the above

Question: Closer to the heart, arteries would be expected to have a higher percentage of ________.



smooth muscle fibers

elastic fibers

collagenous fibers

Question: In a blood pressure measurement of 110/70, the number 70 is the ________.


systolic pressure

diastolic pressure

pulse pressure

mean arterial pressure

Question: Venoconstriction increases which of the following?


blood pressure within the vein

blood flow within the vein

return of blood to the heart

all of the above

Question: Which of the following statements is true?


The longer the vessel, the lower the resistance and the greater the flow.

As blood volume decreases, blood pressure and blood flow also decrease.

Increased viscosity increases blood flow.

All of the above are true.

Question: Slight vasodilation in an arteriole prompts a ________.


slight increase in resistance

huge increase in resistance

slight decrease in resistance

huge decrease in resistance

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Disclaimer:  This course does NOT provide the education or experience needed for the diagnosing or treating any medical condition, all site contents are provided as general information only and should not be taken as medical advice.
Source:  OpenStax College. Anatomy & Physiology, OpenStax-CNX Web site., Jun 11, 2014
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