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    graph of a linear equation

    The graph of a linear equation A x + B y = C is a straight line. Every point on the line is a solution of the equation. Every solution of this equation is a point on this line.

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Bruce drives his car for his job. The equation R=0.575m+42 models the relation between the amount in dollars, R, that he is reimbursed and the number of miles, m, he drives in one day. Find the amount Bruce is reimbursed on a day when he drives 220 miles.
Dojzae Reply
LeBron needs 150 milliliters of a 30% solution of sulfuric acid for a lab experiment but only has access to a 25% and a 50% solution. How much of the 25% and how much of the 50% solution should he mix to make the 30% solution?
Xona Reply
hey everyone how to do algebra
The Reply
Felecia answer 1.5 hours before he reaches her
Adriana Reply
I would like to solve the problem -6/2x
rachel Reply
Does the x represent a number or does it need to be graphed ?
-3x is correct
Arnold invested $64,000, some at 5.5% interest and the rest at 9%. How much did he invest at each rate if he received $4,500 in interest in one year?
Stephanie Reply
Tickets for the community fair cost $12 for adults and $5 for children. On the first day of the fair, 312 tickets were sold for a total of $2204. How many adult tickets and how many child tickets were sold?
Alpha Reply
Three-fourths of the people at a concert are children. If there are 87 children, what is the total number of people at the concert?
Tsimmuaj Reply
Erica earned a total of $50,450 last year from her two jobs. The amount she earned from her job at the store was $1,250 more than four times the amount she earned from her job at the college. How much did she earn from her job at the college?
Erica earned a total of $50,450 last year from her two jobs. The amount she earned from her job at the store was $1,250 more than four times the amount she earned from her job at the college. How much did she earn from her job at the college?
? Is there anything wrong with this passage I found the total sum for 2 jobs, but found why elaborate on extra If I total one week from the store *4 would = the month than the total is = x than x can't calculate 10 month of a year
what would be wong
87 divided by 3 then multiply that by 4. 116 people total.
the actual number that has 3 out of 4 of a whole pie
was having a hard time finding
use Matrices for the 2nd question
One number is 11 less than the other number. If their sum is increased by 8, the result is 71. Find the numbers.
Tsimmuaj Reply
26 + 37 = 63 + 8 = 71
how do we know the answer is correct?
23 is 11 less than 37. 23+37=63. 63+8=71. that is what the question asked for.
23 +11 = 37. 23+37=63 63+8=71
by following the question. one number is 11 less than the other number 26+11=37 so 26+37=63+8=71
your answer did not fit the guidelines of the question 11 is 41 less than 52.
71-8-11 =52 is this correct?
let the number is 'x' and the other number is "x-11". if their sum is increased means: x+(x-11)+8 result will be 71. so x+(x-11)+8=71 2x-11+8=71 2x-3=71 2x=71+3 2x=74 1/2(2x=74)1/2 x=37 final answer
just new
Amara currently sells televisions for company A at a salary of $17,000 plus a $100 commission for each television she sells. Company B offers her a position with a salary of $29,000 plus a $20 commission for each television she sells. How televisions would Amara need to sell for the options to be equal?
Tsimmuaj Reply
yes math
company A 13 company b 5. A 17,000+13×100=29,100 B 29,000+5×20=29,100
need help with math to do tsi test
me too
have you tried the TSI practice test ***tsipracticetest.com
DaMarcus and Fabian live 23 miles apart and play soccer at a park between their homes. DaMarcus rode his bike for 34 of an hour and Fabian rode his bike for 12 of an hour to get to the park. Fabian’s speed was 6 miles per hour faster than DaMarcus’s speed. Find the speed of both soccer players.
gustavo Reply
DaMarcus: 16 mi/hr Fabian: 22 mi/hr
Joy is preparing 20 liters of a 25% saline solution. She has only a 40% solution and a 10% solution in her lab. How many liters of the 40% solution and how many liters of the 10% solution should she mix to make the 25% solution?
Wenda Reply
15 and 5
32 is 40% , & 8 is 10 % , & any 4 letters is 5%.
It felt that something is missing on the question like: 40% of what solution? 10% of what solution?
its confusing
3% & 2% to complete the 25%
because she already has 20 liters.
ok I was a little confused I agree 15% & 5%
Jim and Debbie earned $7200. Debbie earned $1600 more than Jim earned. How much did they earned
Arleathia Reply
Bebbie: 4,400 Jim: 2,800
A river cruise boat sailed 80 miles down the Mississippi River for 4 hours. It took 5 hours to return. Find the rate of the cruise boat in still water and the rate of the current.
Sunnyshay Reply
A veterinarian is enclosing a rectangular outdoor running area against his building for the dogs he cares for. He needs to maximize the area using 100 feet of fencing. The quadratic equation A=x(100−2x) gives the area, A , of the dog run for the length, x , of the building that will border the dog run. Find the length of the building that should border the dog run to give the maximum area, and then find the maximum area of the dog run.
Elizabeth Reply
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