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Orlando is mixing nuts and cereal squares to make a party mix. Nuts sell for $7 a pound and cereal squares sell for $4 a pound. Orlando wants to make 30 pounds of party mix at a cost of $6.50 a pound, how many pounds of nuts and how many pounds of cereal squares should he use?

5 pounds cereal squares, 25 pounds nuts

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Becca wants to mix fruit juice and soda to make a punch. She can buy fruit juice for $3 a gallon and soda for $4 a gallon. If she wants to make 28 gallons of punch at a cost of $3.25 a gallon, how many gallons of fruit juice and how many gallons of soda should she buy?

21 gallons of fruit punch, 7 gallons of soda

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We can also use the mixture model to solve investment problems using simple interest    . We have used the simple interest formula, I = P r t , where t represented the number of years. When we just need to find the interest for one year, t = 1 , so then I = P r .

Stacey has $20,000 to invest in two different bank accounts. One account pays interest at 3% per year and the other account pays interest at 5% per year. How much should she invest in each account if she wants to earn 4.5% interest per year on the total amount?


We will fill in a chart to organize our information. We will use the simple interest formula to find the interest earned in the different accounts.

The interest on the mixed investment will come from adding the interest from the account earning 3% and the interest from the account earning 5% to get the total interest on the $20,000.

Let x = amount invested at 3%. 20,000 x = amount invested at 5%

The amount invested is the principal for each account.

We enter the interest rate for each account.

We multiply the amount invested times the rate to get the interest.

This table has four rows and four columns. The top row is a header row that reads from left to right Type, Amount invested, Rate, and Interest. The second row reads 3%, x, 0.03, and 0.03x. The third row reads 5%, 20,000 minus x, 0.05, and 0.05 times the quantity (20,000 minus x). The fourth row reads 4.5%, 20,000, 0.045, and 0.045 times 20,000.

Notice that the total amount invested, 20,000, is the sum of the amount invested at 3% and the amount invested at 5%. And the total interest, 0.045 ( 20,000 ) , is the sum of the interest earned in the 3% account and the interest earned in the 5% account.

As with the other mixture applications, the last column in the table gives us the equation to solve.

Write the equation from the interest earned.

Solve the equation.
0.03 x + 0.05 ( 20,000 x ) = 0.045 ( 20,000 ) 0.03 x + 1,000 0.05 x = 900 0.02 x + 1,000 = 900 0.02 x = 100 x = 5,000
amount invested at 3%
Find the amount invested at 5%. .
0.03 x + 0.05 ( 15,000 + x ) 0.045 ( 20,000 ) 150 + 750 900 900 = 900
Stacey should invest $5,000 in the account that
earns 3% and $15,000 in the account that earns 5%.

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Remy has $14,000 to invest in two mutual funds. One fund pays interest at 4% per year and the other fund pays interest at 7% per year. How much should she invest in each fund if she wants to earn 6.1% interest on the total amount?

$4,200 at 4%, $9,800 at 7%

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Marco has $8,000 to save for his daughter’s college education. He wants to divide it between one account that pays 3.2% interest per year and another account that pays 8% interest per year. How much should he invest in each account if he wants the interest on the total investment to be 6.5%?

$2,500 at 3.2%, $5,500 at 8%

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Key concepts

  • Total Value of Coins For the same type of coin, the total value of a number of coins is found by using the model.
    n u m b e r · v a l u e = t o t a l v a l u e where number is the number of coins and value is the value of each coin; total value is the total value of all the coins
  • Problem-Solving Strategy—Coin Word Problems
    1. Read the problem. Make all the words and ideas are understood. Determine the types of coins involved.
      • Create a table to organize the information.
      • Label the columns type, number, value, total value.
      • List the types of coins.
      • Write in the value of each type of coin.
      • Write in the total value of all the coins.
    2. Identify what we are looking for.
    3. Name what we are looking for. Choose a variable to represent that quantity.
      Use variable expressions to represent the number of each type of coin and write them in the table.
      Multiply the number times the value to get the total value of each type of coin.
    4. Translate into an equation. It may be helpful to restate the problem in one sentence with all the important information. Then, translate the sentence into an equation.
      Write the equation by adding the total values of all the types of coins.
    5. Solve the equation using good algebra techniques.
    6. Check the answer in the problem and make sure it makes sense.
    7. Answer the question with a complete sentence.

Questions & Answers

rectangular field solutions
Navin Reply
What is this?
the proudact of 3x^3-5×^2+3 and 2x^2+5x-4 in z7[x]/ is
anas Reply
a rock is thrown directly upward with an initial velocity of 96feet per second from a cliff 190 feet above a beach. The hight of tha rock above the beach after t second is given by the equation h=_16t^2+96t+190
Stella bought a dinette set on sale for $725. The original price was $1,299. To the nearest tenth of a percent, what was the rate of discount?
Manhwa Reply
I don't know
if you want the discounted price subtract $725 from $1299. then divide the answer by $1299. you get 0.4419... but as percent you get 44.19... but to the nearest tenth... round .19 to .2 and you get 44.2%
you could also just divide $725/$1299 and then subtract it from 1. then you get the same answer.
p mulripied-5 and add 30 to it
Tausif Reply
p mulripied-5 and add30
p mulripied-5 and addto30
Can you explain further
Monica Reply
p mulripied-5 and add to 30
How do you find divisible numbers without a calculator?
Jacob Reply
When she graduates college, Linda will owe $43,000 in student loans. The interest rate on the federal loans is 4.5% and the rate on the private bank loans is 2%. The total interest she owes for one year was $1,585. What is the amount of each loan?
Ariana Reply
Sean took the bus from Seattle to Boise, a distance of 506 miles. If the trip took 7 2/3 hours, what was the speed of the bus?
Kirisma Reply
How did you work it out?
s=mi/hr 2/3~0.67 s=506mi/7.67hr = ~66 mi/hr
hello, I have algebra phobia. Subtracting negative numbers always seem to get me confused.
Alicia Reply
what do you need help in?
subtracting a negative....is adding!!
look at the numbers if they have different signs, it's like subtracting....but you keep the sign of the largest number...
for example.... -19 + 7.... different signs...subtract.... 12 keep the sign of the "largest" number 19 is bigger than 7.... 19 has the negative sign... Therefore, -12 is your answer...
Thanks Felix.l also get confused with signs.
Thank you for this
think about it like you lost $19 (-19), then found $7(+7). Totally you lost just $12 (-12)
I used to struggle a lot with negative numbers and math in general what I typically do is look at it in terms of money I have -$5 in my account I then take out 5 more dollars how much do I have in my account well-$10 ... I also for a long time would draw it out on a number line to visualize it
practicing with smaller numbers to understand then working with larger numbers helps too and the song/rhyme same sign add and keep opposite signs subtract keep the sign of the bigger # then you'll be exact
Bruce drives his car for his job. The equation R=0.575m+42 models the relation between the amount in dollars, R, that he is reimbursed and the number of miles, m, he drives in one day. Find the amount Bruce is reimbursed on a day when he drives 220 miles
John Reply
john is 5years older than wanjiru.the sum of their years is27years.what is the age of each
achol Reply
j 17 w 11
john is 16. wanjiru is 11.
27-5=22 22÷2=11 11+5=16
where's the answers?
Ed Reply
I don't see where the answers are.
Cindy and Richard leave their dorm in Charleston at the same time. Cindy rides her bicycle north at a speed of 18 miles per hour. Richard rides his bicycle south at a speed of 14 miles per hour. How long will it take them to be 96 miles apart?
Maddy Reply
18t+14t=96 32t=96 32/96 3
show that a^n-b^2n is divisible by a-b
Florence Reply
What does 3 times your weight right now
Cherokee Reply
Use algebra to combine 39×5 and the half sum of travel of 59+30
What is the segment of 13? Explain
my weight is 49. So 3 times is 147
kg to lbs you goin to convert 2.2 or one if the same unit your going to time your body weight by 3. example if my body weight is 210lb. what would be my weight if I was 3 times as much in kg. that's you do 210 x3 = 630lb. then 630 x 2.2= .... hope this helps
How to convert grams to pounds?
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