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    kinetic energy

    energy of motion, one-half an object’s mass times the square of its speed

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A 400.0-N sign hangs from the end of a uniform strut. The strut is 4.0 m long and weighs 600.0 N. The strut is supported by a hinge at the wall and by a cable whose other end is tied to the wall at a point 3.0 m above the left end of the strut. Find the tension in the supporting cable and the force of the hinge on the strut.
Jessamae Reply
When the structure shown below is supported at point P , it is in equilibrium. Find the magnitude of force F and the force applied at P . The weight of the structure is negligible.
Viernes Reply
what are the types of equilibrium
Chinemerem Reply
what are the type of equilibrium
1.Stable 2.Unstable 3.Neutral equilibrium
That is correct
what is the formula for component vector
Michael Reply
what is the area of a cylinder
Johnson Reply
what is chemical formular of calcium hexanitrato manganite 3
Mutawakkil Reply
meaning of 2To equal to T1
Erupe Reply
9.6 all problems solution
Kavisha Reply
what is the difference between variables and dimensions
Akindele Reply
how to convert m³
Vandi Reply
convert 35m³ to m³
what is the reference frame of Kepler's motion of planet
Abel Reply
if C is the vector sum of A and B, C=A+B, what must be true about the direction and magnitudes of A and B if C=A+B? what must be true about the direction and magnitudes of A and B if C=0?
For the second question either |A| and |B|= 0 or |A|=-|B|, If |A|= -|B| and |A|>0, then Phi[A,B]=180 Degree or π rad
For the first question let |A| and |B| >O, then it is possible that |C|< |A| and |C|<|B| if Phi [A,B]<90 degree= |A| and |C|>|B|
A correction to the first question If Phi[A,B] is within 90-270 degrees, then |C|> |A| and |C|>|B| define Phi[A,B] ≡ X, If 90 degree  ≤ X ≤ 270 degree (Phi[A,B] defined as X is within 90 to 270 degree including 90 degree and 270 degree) Then |C|> |A| and |C|> |B|
state the properties of a base
Muhammad Reply
state 3 properties of a base
State three properties of a base
1.they are bitter 2.they conduct electricity 3.they are slippery or soapy
a stone is projected from the top of the tower 24.5m high with velocity of 39.2m/s at an angle of 30° with horizontal compute time taken to hit he ground
Sarah Reply
it took a car driver 30mins to travel a distance of 50km.what is the average speed
Isiguzo Reply
Practice Key Terms 1

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