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A rubric is a device that serves two purposes. First, it presents to students the standards in terms of which they will be graded on some kind of writing activity whether it be an essay test or a formal written paper. Second, it is a grading tool that helps the instructor stay focused on the same set of standards when grading student essays. This module presents rubrics used in assessing Good Computing Reports, In-Depth Case Study Analyses, and Engineering Ethics Midterm Exams and Computer Ethics Midterm Essay Exams. Students will find these rubrics useful in studying for exams. Faculty members can use these rubrics as templates for developing rubrics of their own. This module is being developed as a part of an NSF-funded project, "Collaborative Development of Ethics Across the Curriculum Resources and Sharing of Best Practices," NSF SES 0551779.
  • The first link connects to the Ethics Bowl assignment for engineering and business students. It corresponds with the Ethics Bowl rubric displayed below.
  • The second link connects to the module on developing reports on computing socio-technical systems. It outlines an assignment where computing students carry out an analysis of the impact of a computing system on a given socio-technical system. A rubric to this activity used in computer ethics classes is provided below.
  • The third link to the Three Frameworks module corresponds to a rubric below that examines how well students deploy the frameworks on decision-making and problem-solving outlined by this module.
  • The final link to Computing Cases provides the reader with access to Chuck Huff's helpful advice on how to write and use rubrics in the context of teaching computer ethics.


This module provides a range of assessment rubrics used in classes on engineering and computer ethics. Rubrics will help you understand the standards that will be used to assess your writing in essay exams and group projects. They also help your instructor stay focused on the same set of standards when assessing the work of the class. Each rubric describes what counts as exceptional writing, writing that meets expectations, and writing that falls short of expectations in a series of explicit ways. The midterm rubrics break this down for each question. The final project rubrics describe the major parts of the assignment and then break down each part according to exceptional, adequate, and less than adequate. These rubrics will help you to understand what is expected of you as you carry out the assignment, provide a useful study guide for the activity, and familiarize you with how your instructor has assessed your work.

Course syllabi

Syllabus for environments of the organization

Syllabus for business, society, and government

Business ethics course syllabus

Course Requirements, Timeline, and Links

Business ethics syllabus, spring 2008

This figure contains the course syllabus for business ethics for spring semester 2008.

Business ethics syllabus presentation

Clicking on this figure will open the presentation given on the first day of class in Business Ethics, Fall 2007. It summarizes the course objectives, grading events, and also provides a PowerPoint slide of the College of Business Administration's Statement of Values.

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