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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Jb0130: Java OOP: A Gentle Introduction to Methods in Java

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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Jb0130: Java OOP: A Gentle Introduction to Methods in Java .

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Question 1 .

True or false? Methods are often called functions, procedures, subroutines, and various other names.

Answer 1

Question 2

True or false? A Java method can be thought of as a separate program module that has the ability to do something useful. Having written the method, you canmake it available for use as a helper to your main program each time your main program needs to have that useful thing done.

Answer 2

Question 3

True or false? In Java, you must write all of the methods that you need.

Answer 3

Question 4

True or false? In the following statement, sqRtPeas is the name of a method.


Answer 4

Question 5

True or false? Java only allows you to use the pre-written methods in the class libraries.

Answer 5

Question 6

Normally, when designing and writing a method such as one that can calculate the square root of a number, it is desirable to write it in such a way that itcan calculate the square root of any number (as opposed to only one specific number) . How is that accomplished?

Answer 6

Question 7

True or false? According to common programming jargon, the process of causinga method to be executed is commonly referred to as setting the method.

Answer 7

Question 8

True or false? This process of providing information to a method when you call it is commonly referred to as sending a message to the method.

Answer 8

Question 9

True or false? When called, a method will usually

  • perform an action
  • send back an answer. or
  • some combination of the two

Answer 9

Question 10

True or false? A value of type double can be (almost) any numeric value, positive or negative, with or without a decimal part.

Answer 10

Question 11

True or false? Java is not a case-sensitive programming language.

Answer 11

Question 12

True or false? The following two rules will generally suffice to keep you out of trouble when defining variable and method names in Java:

  • Use only letters and numbers in Java names.
  • Always make the first character a letter.

Answer 12

Question 13

True or false? In Java, the assignment operator is the % character.

Answer 13

Question 14

True or false? The behavior of the sqrt method is to calculate and display the square root of the value passed to it as a parameter.

Answer 14

Question 15

True or false? The syntax for passing parameters to a method consists of following the name of the method with a pair of matching parentheses thatcontain the parameter or parameters. If more than one parameter is being passed, they are all included within the parentheses and separated by commas. The orderof the parameters is not important.

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