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    a measure of the uncertainty of that project’s profitability

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Questions & Answers

In some cases, barriers to entry may lead to monopoly.
Sung Reply
what is economic
Abdul Reply
define elasticity of demand
Shalom Reply
difference between microeconomics and microeconomics?
Angel Reply
what is the relationship between production possibility frontier and opportunity cost
difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics ?
what is another word for international trade
Shalom Reply
what is economy society
Shalom Reply
what is law of demand
Sangita Reply
The law of demand states that quantity purchased varies inversely with the price. In other words, the higher the price the lower the demanded quantity.
what monetary policy
Suleiman Reply
what monetary policy ?
if demand and costfuncion of cournot duopolist is, y=20-0.p, y= y1+y2, c1=30+2y1,c2=50+10y2, then find profit function of each firms and their reaction function and also the profit of each firms
Gemeda Reply
what is answer for this question
what is cournot duopoly
It is a model of imperfect competition in which two firms with identical cost functions compete with homogeneous products in a static settling
what is elasticity of deman
Douglas Reply
this is the degree of responsiveness of demand to a little or slight Change in the price of the commodity, price of other commodity and income
A comprehensive note on Agriculture
Ezekiel Reply
what is economics
Economics is a social science that studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which HV alternative uses
what do we mean price elasticity in other words
Blessed Reply
the degree of responsiveness of s slight change in price of a good at a given time
what is production possibility frontier
adam smith views in economics
Renatus Reply
what is a market demand schedule
Blessed Reply
what is budget
A budget is a plan you make on how you spend your money 💰🤑 either for the month or a year
is a scheduled of a consumer, which wisely determind , the commodities and the cost of price in a market
What is demand curve
mohamed Reply
Types of demand curve
demand curve is a showing the aggregate of demand whether falling from right to the left in the table above
demand curve is the graphical representation of various quantities of a commodity bought at various prices
What is demand
demand curve , is a graphical presentation of a demand goods and prices
demand curve is the graphical representation of various quantities of a commodity bought at various prices

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