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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled GAME 2302-0110: Updating the Game Math Library for Graphics.

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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled GAME 2302-0110: Updating the Game Math Library for Graphics .

The questions and the answers are connected by hyperlinks to make it easy for you to navigate from the question to the answer and back again.


Question 1 .

A point is simply a location in space. It has no width, depth, or height. Therefore, it cannot be seen by the human eye, which means that we can't draw apoint on the computer screen. However, it is possible to draw an object on the computer screen that indicates the location of the point.

True or False?

Answer 1

Question 2

A point in space exists only after a visual object is created to mark the location of the point.

Answer 2

Question 3

A point is a small black circle.

True or False?

Answer 3

Question 4

Kjell tells us that a line segment is the straight path between two points, and that it has no thickness. Since it has no thickness, a line cannot be seenby the human eye.

True or False?

Answer 4

Question 5

GM2D02.Point objects represent themselves as small black squares in a graphics context for the benefit of human observers.

True or False?

Answer 5

Question 6

GM2D02.Vector objects represent themselves as lines with arrow-heads at their heads in a graphics context for the benefit of human observers.

True or False?

Answer 6

Question 7

A GM2D02.Vector object is:

Select the correct answer

  • A. An underlying data object
  • B. A graphics object
  • C. Both of the above
  • D. None of the above

Answer 7

Question 8

All Java parameters are passed to methods by reference.

True or False?

Answer 8

Question 9

Java supports both primitive variables and reference variables.

True or False?

Answer 9

Question 10

The GM2D02 library is an update of the earlier game-math library named GM2D01 . This update added the following new capabilities:

Select the correct answer.

  • A. Draw circles to represent GM2D02.Point objects.
  • B. Draw visible lines to represent GM2D02.Line objects.
  • C. Draw visible lines and circles to represent GM2D02.Vector objects.
  • D. Call a setData method to change the values in a GM2D02.ColMatrix object.
  • E. Call a setData method to change the values in a GM2D02.Point object.
  • F. Call a setData method to change the values in a GM2D02.Vector object.
  • G. Call a setHead method or a setTail method to change one of the points that defines a GM2D02.Line object.
  • H. All of the above
  • I. None of the above

Answer 10

Question 11

The updated constructors in the GM2D02 library create and save clones of the ColMatrix and/or Point objects originally used to define the Point , Vector , and/or Line objects.

True or False?

Answer 11

Question 12

The createImage method belonging to a JFrame object can be used to create an off-screen image.

True or False?

Answer 12

Question 13

If the contents of an off-screen image are displayed on the screen, the units of width and height are measured in pixels.

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