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The linea alba    is a white, fibrous band that is made of the bilateral rectus sheaths    that join at the anterior midline of the body. These enclose the rectus abdominis    muscles (a pair of long, linear muscles, commonly called the “sit-up” muscles) that originate at the pubic crest and symphysis, and extend the length of the body’s trunk. Each muscle is segmented by three transverse bands of collagen fibers called the tendinous intersections    . This results in the look of “six-pack abs,” as each segment hypertrophies on individuals at the gym who do many sit-ups.

The posterior abdominal wall is formed by the lumbar vertebrae, parts of the ilia of the hip bones, psoas major and iliacus muscles, and quadratus lumborum    muscle. This part of the core plays a key role in stabilizing the rest of the body and maintaining posture.

Career connections

Physical therapists

Those who have a muscle or joint injury will most likely be sent to a physical therapist (PT) after seeing their regular doctor. PTs have a master’s degree or doctorate, and are highly trained experts in the mechanics of body movements. Many PTs also specialize in sports injuries.

If you injured your shoulder while you were kayaking, the first thing a physical therapist would do during your first visit is to assess the functionality of the joint. The range of motion of a particular joint refers to the normal movements the joint performs. The PT will ask you to abduct and adduct, circumduct, and flex and extend the arm. The PT will note the shoulder’s degree of function, and based on the assessment of the injury, will create an appropriate physical therapy plan.

The first step in physical therapy will probably be applying a heat pack to the injured site, which acts much like a warm-up to draw blood to the area, to enhance healing. You will be instructed to do a series of exercises to continue the therapy at home, followed by icing, to decrease inflammation and swelling, which will continue for several weeks. When physical therapy is complete, the PT will do an exit exam and send a detailed report on the improved range of motion and return of normal limb function to your doctor. Gradually, as the injury heals, the shoulder will begin to function correctly. A PT works closely with patients to help them get back to their normal level of physical activity.

Muscles of the thorax

The muscles of the chest serve to facilitate breathing by changing the size of the thoracic cavity ( [link] ). When you inhale, your chest rises because the cavity expands. Alternately, when you exhale, your chest falls because the thoracic cavity decreases in size.

Muscles of the Thorax
Movement Target Target motion direction Prime mover Origin Insertion
Inhalation; exhalation Thoracic cavity Compression; expansion Diaphragm Sternum; ribs 6–12; lumbar vertebrae Central tendon
Inhalation;exhalation Ribs Elevation (expands thoracic cavity) External intercostals Rib superior to each intercostal muscle Rib inferior to each intercostal muscle
Forced exhalation Ribs Movement along superior/inferior axis to bring ribs closer together Internal intercostals Rib inferior to each intercostal muscle Rib superior to each intercostal muscle

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muscles of upper limb
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explain endocrine system
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ductless gland, secretes hormone chemical substance which r very essential for the life activities of animals, humanbeings ,
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What produce blood in the body
blood cell are made in the bone marrow, the bone marrow is the soft, spongy material in the center if the bones it produce about 95% of the body blood cell
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compound is the compose of many identical molecules
what are the three layers of the heart
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pericardium myocardium endocardium
epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium
innermost layer is the endocardium. intermediate layer is the epicadium(also known as the visceral pericadium) outermost layer is the myocardium
how do the lymphatic release excess fluid to the blood stream
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what is lymphatic
it's a one way drainage system which drains excess water from the blood vessels to the heart
Pls what is lymphatic
lymphatic is an organs system in vertebrate that is part of the circulatory system and the immune system
importance of studying anataomy
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importance of anatomy
knowing how body structures look their colours shapes and adaptational characteristics
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Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood. It enables brain cells and other nervous system cells to communicate with each other.
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Simple Science Experiment: Osmosis with Potato Slices
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anatomy is a study of structure of the body and their physical relationship between is constituents part
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what are the relative directional terms of the human body
A branch of biology that deals with the functions and activities of life or of living matter (as organs, tissues, or cells) and of the physical and chemical phenomena involved.
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anatomy is the scientific study of the structures of the human body
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it is the study of anatomy as seen by the naked eyes
This is the study of the structures of the body with the use of a microscope or an magnitude
Is the study of the relationship among the structures of the body
Is the joining of two or more structures of the bone to form a healthy body

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