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    standard cell potential ( E cell ° )

    the cell potential when all reactants and products are in their standard states (1 bar or 1 atm or gases; 1 M for solutes), usually at 298.15 K; can be calculated by subtracting the standard reduction potential for the half-reaction at the anode from the standard reduction potential for the half-reaction occurring at the cathode

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Questions & Answers

how many rooms are there in 1s subshell
Sarah Reply
one room
only one room
one room
what is period
Akporhonor Reply
what is electronic configuration
Ibisola Reply
what is molecules
Lawrence Reply
what is compound
hello evevery please I need more about polar and non polar
the molarity of solution which contains 40g urea dissolved in 500cmqiube what is molar mass
Serkadis Reply
What is a periodic table
Nabukeera Reply
A table that shows all chemical elements in order of increasing proton number of their atoms. Periodic table can help predict properties and reactions.
a current of 4.0A was passed through copper tetraoxosulphidesix solution for 1hour calculate the quantity of electricity passed
Inyama Reply
what is organic chemistry
How many orbitals are there in 1s subshell
the answer to this question V¹ = 40 T² = ? V² = 15 T¹ = 25 D² = 32 D¹ = 2
Mira Reply
40cm³ of hydrogen gas diffuse through a porus pot in 15secs. How long will it take 25cm³ of oxygen gas to diffuse through the same pot under the same condition { H=1, O=6 }
what is chemistry
Isa Reply
Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the study of matter, the structure, the composition and all changes matter undergoes
IUPAC number of iron
what are the success and failures of Dalton's atomic model
Azeezat Reply
he proposed that atoms tiny indivisible particles of an element but atoms are only simplest particles that is made up of proton that is positively charged,electron that is negatively charged and neutron that is without any charge
@azeezat, he also proposed that molecules combine in simple whole number, but combustion of hydrocarbons negate this law
is sand a compound or a mixture
Michael Reply
It is a mixture
what is an element
Omar Reply
an element is a chemical substance that can neither be created nor destroy.
No pal,l think there is an error with d definition, actually DAT is a definition for matter.Elements are substances consisting only of atoms of d same no of protons in there nuclei
Well,l think an element is the simplest particles if a matter with a unique chemical and physical properties.
An element consists of only one type of atoms.
what is the rate of chemical reaction
Ola Reply
is the rate of change of number or mole/volume/concentrate of reactants per unit time.
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