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    What might be the effect on an animal of not being able to perceive taste?

    The animal might not be able to recognize the differences in food sources and thus might not be able to discriminate between spoiled food and safe food or between foods that contain necessary nutrients, such as proteins, and foods that do not.

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Questions & Answers

What is ATP means or stand for.
Benard Reply
is like money for enzime/protein break down or make some molecule, do something.
Thank x Muayad Ay
Thank x Muayad Ay
state why the milk is kept at an optimum temperature
Philile Reply
Too prevent it from going bad since it's very watery and very notorious making it easy to go bad
is the law of independent assortment same as the law of dominance?
Danny Reply
explain the process of digestion in animal
Lephetha Reply
discuss the ueses of human cell
Oghenesuvwe Reply
what is hormone
Gift Reply
they are liquid substance which are essential for different body functions
the meaning of warm classroom
Musasaidutaiwo Reply
How is an image formed at the retina
Tarisai Reply
what is gland
Chinwe Reply
what's cells?
Santino Reply
hi santino Cells is a basic unit of life
the structural and functional units of life is known as cell
good night all friends
u too
y do plants have a single respiratory system?
please is endocrine cell
what is a meiosis
Mercy Reply
what is a mitosis
meiosis is a cell division that produces 4 daughter cell that doesn't look alike
mitosis is a cell division that produces two daugther cell that looks alik
what is call division
Ajak Reply
what are the effects of transpiration
Noah Reply
Are extraterrestrials mostly sited on land or in the sea also?
Golden Reply
what's sperm
Juma Reply

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